Wordiacs is a TV game show where contestants compete against each other for points by spelling words. Anyone can be a contestant from the comfort of their own home.
Wordiacs is created by and only broadcasts on THE TV.
There’s a $250 Jackpot prize per episode.
Contestants who fail to win the Jackpot prize are awarded a $20 Amazon gift card.
Wordiacs is similar to that of the popular board game “Scrabble” and the app “Words With Friends”.
But with Wordiacs players have a time limit to spell words or lose a turn, therefore eliminating the use of cheat apps that became popular and was also the downfall of other word games.

Requirements to be a Contestant:

Must beat least 18 years old

Speak English fluently

Have an available quiet, well lit area for 45 minutes

High speed internet connection

A computer